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Member News

December 2023

  • ABR® Stories

    Whether you’re a seasoned buyer’s agent or just starting out, you know that every day in this business brings its fair share of surprises. When we asked you to share your most comical or surprising experiences when working with buyers, you didn’t disappoint! Get ready to laugh as we present some of the best stories we’ve received. It’s a perfect way to wrap up the year and celebrate the resilience, humor, and camaraderie of the ABR® community.
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November 2023

  • Leveraging Your ABR® Designation to Grow Your Buyer Business

    When you’re competing for market share and actively building your buyer business, expertise matters. Your Accredited Buyer’s Representative® (ABR®) designation can be a powerful asset that sets you apart from competitors. In honor of Designation Awareness Month, we’ve designed this issue as a practical how-to guide for leveraging your member benefits so that your ABR® designation becomes a compelling differentiator for your professional identity and marketing.
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October 2023

  • The Career-Boosting Power of Awards and Recognition

    Can you name the most successful agent in your market? If you had to pinpoint the qualities that make them stand out, what would they be? Chances are, you consider accomplishments such as agent rankings and reviews, consistent branding, extensive marketing, high profile leadership positions, community involvement, a robust online presence, and various awards and accolades as markers of a successful, top-tier agent— and so do consumers.
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September 2023

  • Social Media Safety for Buyer's Reps

    September is REALTOR Safety Month—the perfect time for buyer’s representatives to evaluate habits and behaviors that may contribute to or protect against threats in both the physical and digital realms.
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August 2023

  • Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate

    The AI revolution is here! In truth, it’s been here for a while, but it wasn’t until the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November of 2022 that the general public really began to take notice. In a very short time, free and easy-to-use generative AI tools like ChatGPT for text and DALL-E for imagery have caused a tidal wave of interest, awareness, and use among consumers. But is all the hype around AI technology deserved?
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July 2023

  • The Trends Issue

    Every year, we complete a survey of our ABR®designees to gather insights and perspectives from you—our outstanding buyer’s reps. It’s an important way that we keep track of trends both within our membership and buyer’s markets across the country.
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June 2023

  • The Rise of Short-Form Video

    Every major social media platform is prioritizing video in their algorithms and with good reason. According to HubSpot, a leading CRM platform, short-form video is the most effective and popular format for social media content—delivering the highest ROI and engagement by far over all other media formats.

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May 2023

  • What Your Headshot Says About You

    If your headshot could talk… what would it say about you? The truth is—your headshot IS talking about you, and it has a lot to say!
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April 2023

  • The Impact of Extreme Weather on Homebuying

    If you’ve ever thought that there seems to be more weather-related natural disasters than there used to be—you’re right. Data shows that the frequency, severity, and intensity of extreme weather events such as floods, wildfires, heat, drought, and storms in the United States and elsewhere is increasing. The impact of these events can be felt throughout the real estate industry, and homebuyers are increasingly considering climate risk in their purchase decisions.
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March 2023

  • Are You Meeting the Needs of Your Buyers with Disabilities?

    According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, 61 million adults in the United States are living with a disability. That’s one in four Americans, or 26 percent of the adult population. For individuals over age 65, that ratio climbs to two out of every five persons. So, it’s safe to say that over the course of your career as a real estate agent, you will be assisting many individuals with disabilities in their home buying process. To better serve these buyers, real estate professionals must understand the challenges people with disabilities face when operating in the housing market.
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