Member News

Member News

October 2021

  • Mastering the Subtle Art of Turning Leads into Clients

    Are you comfortable and confident in turning a buyer lead into a buyer-client? For many ABR® designees, the answer is, “not so much.” You may love working with buyers. But that’s different from converting a first encounter to a committed relationship.
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September 2021

  • Age Matters: 10 Things to Know About Different Generations of Homebuyers

    It’s not easy being a homebuyer today—or helping buyers secure the home of their dreams. But it’s easier to help buyers succeed if you understand their perspectives, preferences, and limitations.
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August 2021

  • What to Know About “Buy Before You Sell" and Other Fintech Solutions Aimed at Homebuyers

    Exchanging homes—selling one and buying another—is never easy. But when real estate markets strongly favor sellers, it’s the buying side of the equation that can halt would-be sellers in their tracks.
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July 2021

  • Annual Trends Issue

    If you were one of the many members who responded to our annual survey of ABR® designees, please accept my gratitude for sharing your feedback! It’s always incredibly helpful to hear your perspectives. Each July, we also enjoy sharing what we learned from you.
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May 2021

  • How to Prepare Your Buyers for Multiple Offer Madness

    For many buyer’s reps, today’s market is like no other. Usually, June is the height of the spring selling season. But across and beyond the US, many buyers are facing unprecedented competition for single-family homes.
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  • 8 Ways to Win with Client Reviews

    Referrals are the lifeblood of an agent’s business. But it’s not the only way to find new clients. Online reviews also play an enormous role. Nearly four out of five buyers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.
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April 2021

  • Fair Housing: Check All the Boxes When Working with Buyers

    The Fair Housing Act was passed over 50 years ago. Since then, substantial progress has been made toward creating equitable housing markets. However, much work remains.  Fair housing is a complex issue. It involves combating many types of discrimination—deliberate, unintentional, and systemic—against different groups of people. 
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March 2021

  • Take a Closer Look at New-Home Construction

    For real estate professionals, spring typically kicks off the busiest season of the year. But with stifled demand in many markets, your spring selling season may already be in full swing.
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February 2021

  • The February TBR is Now Available

    In this month's issue: Facing the Facts on Flooding, How to Guide Buyers, and NEW Consumer One-Sheet: Concerned About Flooding? Talk to the Specialists. Check it out in the Member Center.

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January 2021

  • The January 2021 TBR is Now Available

    In this month's issue: 5 Vital Reasons to Dig Deeper into Mortgage Lending, and NEW Consumer One-Sheet: Understand the Differences Between Mortgage Providers. Check it out in the Member Center.

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